• Who do I get to workout with?

    The sessions are catered for all abilities ages and are of mixed sex.

    The coaches ensure a friendly, approachable environment for everyone to train in.

  • Can I just join up for any WOD class?

    In most cases yes. If you have experience in functional training and are well conditioned, you can join any class.

    If however you are just starting and have limited experience your first session will be a free trial, and then you will need to complete a 1hr induction covering the fundamental movements costing £40.


  • What does Scalable mean?

    Scalable refers to matching the athletes abilities to a WOD or exercise, keeping it a safe environment for them to train in.


  • What does WoD refer to? I hear everyone using it.

    WOD is an acronym for Workout of the Day.

    It is used to describe the type of workout that is presented to the class each day.

  • What should I expect in my first workout session?

    During your first session the coach will direct you through a warm-up consisting of a run/row and mobility exercises.

    This will then lead onto a skill part of the session which involves you being coached through mechanics of movement and learning progression in each exercise. From this you will increase all aspects of fitness and wellbeing.

  • Will I get hurt?

    Injuries are a rare occurrence at Willpowerfitness. The sessions are directed with fully qualified coaches and sessions are designed to keep each individuals safety in mind.

    The sessions performed correctly with the right mechanics and loading will result in a safe environment for everyone.

  • Why are you better than my gym?

    Willpower Fitness offers unique and specialised programming for any individual wanting to improve their health and well-being. Programmes are tailored to each individual using a variety of different functional training movements. This will achieve optimum results safely and effectively.