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Willpower Fitness is a personal training company specialising in functional conditioning based in the South Hams, Devon.

Willpower Fitness offers  unique and specialised programming for any individual wanting to improve their health and well-being.  Programmes are tailored to each individual using a variety of different functional training movements.

How we do it


Physical exercises designed to develop and display strength, balance, and agility, especially those performed on or with specialised apparatus.

Olympic Lifting

Olympic Weightlifting tests aspects of human ballistic limits (explosive strength); the lifts are therefore executed faster and with more mobility and a greater range of motion during their execution, than other strength movements.


Mono-structural exercises (Cardiovascular) refers to the ability of your heart, lungs and organs to consume, transport and utilize oxygen. Exercise that we use to deliver this are the following:

Run, Row, Bike,Swim and Skip.

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Gareth Townsend

Used to be the willpower fitness numero 1 athlete until he found the pies. We're so pleased to have on the comeback trail... its gonna be a roller coaster with this maverick. But we're right behind you champ!

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